“I really believe a champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall.”

~ Serena Williams

I work with individuals and teams to foster the mental skills needed to elevate their games and find more satisfaction in their sport. Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, we will develop a partnership to achieve maximum transformation.

In-person and virtual options available

Some athletes or groups prefer to work in person, while others like the convenience of virtual sessions or a combination of both. The truth is, each has its advantages, and both can be equally effective. We will work together to decide what works best for you.

Individual consultation

Athletes are under immense physical and emotional stress. They feel pressure from their coaches, teammates, peers and even from their own expectations. As a sport psychology consultant, I take a holistic approach to help athletes of all levels maximize their potential and achieve their goals.

Focus areas may include:

  • Manage performance nerves
  • Set effective goals
  • Employ mindfulness strategies
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Develop resilience to deal with setbacks
  • Avoid burnout
  • Establish performance routines
  • Identify limiting beliefs and gain healthy perspectives
  • Manage sport transitions 
  • Utilize tools like imagery, relaxation techniques and self-talk

Building effective teams

It is my philosophy that group sessions should be engaging and fun, so sessions are designed with a balanced mix of activities, sharing and applied learning. Team consultations may be presented as a single-session or a series. I will consult with you beforehand and may integrate on-site observation to ensure programming is individualized to meet your needs.

Areas of development may include:

  • Building trust
  • Team cohesion
  • Team goal setting
  • Effective communication
  • Coach development

Group presentations and workshops

Workshops and presentations combine research and real-world application to ensure you walk away with practical skills to integrate into your practice, work environment or daily life. Team sessions can be tailored to suit the age and needs of the group.

Past presentations

  • Baylor College of Medicine – Athletic Trainers Symposium 2022
  • Texas Track and Field Coaches’ Association, Winter Conference 2022
  • Association for Applied Sport Psychology, Annual Conference 2022 (research presentation)
  • Houston Ballet
  • Female athlete workshop