Save Your Center! Building long and strong abs with Yamuna® Body Rolling

April 4, 2017 • 6:30-8 p.m.

No more crunches! YBR teaches you how to tone the abdomen without creating short and tight muscles. Using your breath and the ball, you will learn to work your abdominal muscles correctly, building long, strong muscles that support a healthy spine!

The unique softness of Yamuna® balls makes them ideal to get into those hidden areas, and they will create a deep sense of relaxation throughout your body. In addition, the Yamuna® method helps to deepen your yoga practice by releasing restrictions that may be holding you back from certain poses.

Come try this revolutionary method of self-healing and learn about body sustainability in a whole new way! Cost: $35. Space is limited. Please register early. Balls will be provided for use during the workshop and can be purchased afterward.

Pilates and Motion • Katy, Texas

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