I have been so blessed to work with the Katy Students Run group for the past few years. Working with runners has given me new insight and urgency into learning more about the feet. Combining that with the Yamuna Foot Fitness training has been so amazing for helping me to alleviate knee/hip issues and teach others as well. Yoga helps to awareness of our feet, but does not go deep enough to really build strong foot function. One of the main concepts I teach people right away is to stop bearing so much weight into the big toe. This is the root cause of most bunion issues and also weak/tight ankles. I call the big toe the bully toe, because it just wants to take over all the time. Our foundation, however, should be built on the lateral line (outer edge) of the foot, from outer corner of heel to pinky toe. This is where the bone structure is and bearing weight here as we stand/walk supports a strong and lifted arch. When people turn out their feet on a regular basis (which most people do and don’t realize it till you make them look down!), they will naturally collapse into their arches and big toe. In addition, the entire Deep Front Line (Anatomy Trains – also called our core!) will collapse, leading the pelvis to shift forward, the pelvic floor to collapse and the chest to sink, and usually the neck will hyperextend as well. All just from the improper alignment of the feet! The first thing to do is to start paying attention to how you stand – without trying to fix it. Just walk across the floor and then stop. Don’t look down. Notice where your weight falls naturally – is it forward towards the toes, mid-foot or heel? Which side of the foot bears more weight – the outer or inner line? Look down – what are your feet doing? Are they angled out or in? Is one foot slightly forward of the other (indicating a possible rotation in the pelvis)? Just start to notice your habits before you start to try to fix them. Yoga is ultimately about bringing BALANCE to the body – to look where your habits are and try to find new pathways that are more balanced. I would love to hear your thoughts on this or anything else on your mind!